Mayah Lanise Taylor

Mayah Lanise Taylor

About The Artist...


I have been creating art for more than half of my life.

Having always shown creative interest, I have immersed myself in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and design. My aesthetic is dark, brooding, emotional and technical; I often experiment with variations in line work and stroke to emulate the vibrations of the energy around me while I am working on a particular piece. I strive to blur the line between classical and contemporary work while emulating emotion and form. My drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptural pieces are all representations of my complex emotional states, visions and varying states of energy. Each piece requires research and introspection, ultimately providing an intimate view of myself in changing shapes and forms.

 I have studied Fine Art at both Kennesaw State University and the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design as well as studying classical drawing in atelier style means of instruction at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. My background extends itself to multiple disciplines including fashion design, graphic design and illustration. 

Contact: / 678.294.0038